Z-wing marketing plan. Aviation industry is one interesting business in the world since air traveling shows increasing trends amidst the fear of 9/11 tragedy that once caused significant demands for traveling. Similarly, in the cold war, the advancement of military aviation technology also runs at fast pace. The situation highlights the attractiveness of commercial and military aviation industry. Concerning the issue, this paper will elaborate the marketing plan for a company named Z-Wing, the world’s largest commercial and military manufacturer.
The marketing plan aims at capitalizing the competitive advantage of Z-Wing in order to stay ahead of their closest competitors, Janssen that captures 47% of the market. In the financial calculation, we assume to take into account 5% of annual growth. Situation Analysis Market Summary Z-Wing is an established company that offers quality-projected and affected products for aviation industry. Z-Wing is the world’s largest commercial and military manufacturer in aviation industry.
Z-Wing yearns for design supportive, wide-ranging, and profitable aviation solutions and manufacturing. SWOT Analysis In order to assess the competitive position of Z-Wing in aviation industry, we need to utilize business analysis tools. SWOT analysis is a business analysis tool that take into account both internal and external forces. Table 1 highlights the SWOT analysis for Z-WING. Competition Z-Wing will control their competitive advantages that are rooted in manufactured goods modernizations/characteristics and reasonable price.
The primary improvement is their application of an aluminum casing that generates a well-built, weightless unit that is constructed without difficulty. The further advantage is an integrated storage space device, capitalizing on the valuable presented space. Finally yet importantly, Z-Wing will make use of a “glide ease stretcher system” production access and exit as simple as possible. All Z-Wing products are planned to be solid, competent, and secure (Wilbur Smith Associates, 2007).
Product Offering
Z-Wing offers many aviation products. One of them is Z-Wing Downrigger System (500 black). Different with another downrigger or planer, the Z-Wing’s exclusive design generates an underwater trouble that reproduces the vibrations created by wounded or schooling baitfish. A different product is L. L. Bean Tungsten Z-Wing Caddis Olv MRCR. The other products can be reviewed in the website. Keys to Success While the aviation industry is greatly standardized for product consistency, Z-Wing should get hold of required guideline.
Even though the corporation’s personnel has had some years of thriving understanding and experience in performing the business, this course possibly will take more extensive than is arranged, which may perhaps pessimistically influence the corporation’s expectations (“Aviation”, 2006). The additional key to success is the accomplishment of well-built marketing attempts to raise product responsiveness and client favorable reception.
For this reason, Z-Wing will be present at all main trade performances, make known expert sales reporting, and present after-sales service to their partners and customers (“Aviation”, 2006). Critical Issues Nowadays, aviation passage is a significant and developing style of transport. The environment has become strained from a diversity of resources more and more, the people is growing, and the links in the midst of these parts have become gradually more multifaceted and complicated to handle competently and justifiably (“Aviation Marketing and Online Advertising”, 2007).
Research to review and improve these circumstances is in progress and assures considerable advantages. A prospect wherein aviation subsists harmoniously with the natural and human situation is probable, but cannot happen with any improved skill and appreciation of accessible and upcoming environmental effects and the chances for lessening or keeping away from them (“AVIATION MARKETING SUPERVISOR”, 2007).

Z-wing marketing plan