Women Rule the World. History has ample evidence to show that quite a few women wielded the greatest power, leaving a legacy of their own and unleashing a revolution in their trail, but at the same time, they paid such a dear price for their power which is long believed to be the exclusive domain of male. Nerfititi, a co-regent of Egyptian pharaoh, could not escape the fate of death after removing the existence of the belief in priests and successfully starting to construct a new capital of Egypt together with her husband.
Even days after her demise, her tomb was plundered and her body was smashed with the right hand holding the scepter, the symbol of utmost power in Egyptian kingdom, mutilated away from her corpse. Vo Tac Thien, the queen of China, in her reign, made an incredible record of contributions to her nation while standing up against waves of protests from traditionalists. It seems when it comes to holding the highest rank, women are biased, albeit their manifest talent and patriotism.
Any cruel action they exercised, whether for their ends- as some believe- or the sake of the entire nation, was seen as unacceptable whereas such acts were easily forgotten if committed by men. Further evidence of this prejudice is well seen in the lives of Islamic women who are deprived of the right to have their own identity cards and inherit almost to none of the asset from the bequest of both their parents and spouses. They are born with masks and unveiling these “sacred amulets” is considered a sacrilege to their faith, rendering their lives in darkness, however.
But despite all of this, Islamic women are found to be surprisingly enlighteners with an increasing number working as scientists, researchers and culturists. Such telling bodies of evidence hold the answer itself: when it comes to true power, women cannot be ignored. If given more freedom, why wouldn’t they rule the world as men? Let’s discuss, Seamap guys, to acknowledge the power of our WOMEN. Written by Pham Thi Le Na 1. What are key factors to become a good leader? 2. What are basic differences in the way men and women lead? What are their strengths and weaknesses? 3. Which are countries where women hold important positions in the overnment? Are these nations having any edge over others which exclude women from this opportunity? What’s about Vietnam? Is it a level-playing field for women nowadays? Why or why not? 4. What makes women have fewer chances to rise to power? As being a person of strong power, how can you make sure men and women have equal chance of being recruited to high positions? 5. Debate: What makes you believe women should rule the world? What makes you believe men should rule the world? Compare and contrast to defend you point. Envision the picture where women purely rule the world or men purely rule the world.

Women Rule the World