Structure of a University. For this discussion, examine the structure of a familiar college or university. Create a representation of how the organization functions. Illustrate the organizational chart if it is literal, or depict your interpretation of how the organization functions if it is visual. Use a PowerPoint presentation, Visio diagram, illustrated Word document, or digital collage to depict your selection. It is appropriate to be creative as long as the visual elements support the represented content.
Explain how various structural elements hinder or facilitate effective leadership. Use your representation of how the organization functions and your Reframing Academic Leadership text for the explanation. 
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Chapter 5, “Respecting and Managing Differences: Leader As Compassionate Politician,” pages 69–88.
Chapter 6, “Fostering a Caring and Productive Campus: Leader As Servant, Catalyst, and Coach,” pages 89–105.
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Structure of a University