Statistics homework help. Anyone can solve this java code???? That receive income tax and repeat the program till the user enter -1Scanner read=new Scanner(;    int income;    double tax;    int flag=1;   System.out.println(“Enter the income:”);   income=read.nextInt();  while(income<=0)  {flag=0;  }   if(income<20000)   {     tax=0;   System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }    else if (income<30000)   {     tax=(income-20000)*0.02;   System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   else if (income<40000)       {     tax=200+(income-30000)*0.035;     System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   else if (income<80000)   {     tax=550+(income-40000)*0.07;  System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);  }   else if (income<120000)   {     tax=3350+(income-80000)*0.115;   System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   else if (income<160000)   {     tax=7950+(income-120000)*0.15;     System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   else if (income<200000)   {     tax=13950+(income-160000)*0.17;     System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   else if (income<320000)   {     tax=20750+(income-20000)*0.18;     System.out.printf("Tax for $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   else if (income<640000)   {     tax=42350+(income-320000)*0.2;   System.out.println("Tax for %.2f $"+income+ "is $"+tax);   }   {  System.out.println("Tax for %.2f $"+income+ "is" $"+tax");   }else{System.out.print("nEnter income again, (-1 to stop the program): $");income = read.nextInt();}   System.out.println("End of program");  }}

Statistics homework help