Statistics homework help. I will pay for the following article Brooks Arguments on Transfiguration, Pharisees Yeast. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Feeding 5,000 people proved Christ’s mighty which is not limited by nature since He multiplied the little which was present to feed His listeners. Brooks argues of Christ’s compassion despite His core mission was to evangelize Good News. The second feeding of 4,000 proved His power and encourages His disciples who had little faith, which according to Him does not befit His true followers (Mark 8:6). Pharisees’ yeast refers to the rules and even traditions which they observed and regarded themselves as of high level than others. Pharisees’ conduct in public was to earn respect and high esteem while deep inside they did not exercise what they preached like love, especially for God plus people. Six views 1. Jesus foretells the transfiguration that Peter, James plus John were about to witness prior they dying and start spreading the Gospel in the absence of Him (Mark 9: 7). 2. Disciples and some people were to observer darkness during the Crucifixion. 3. The second is the ascension of Christ when they heard a voice asking them what they gazing at (Galilean men). 4. Disciples were gifted with the Holy Spirit during the Pentecost to assure them intervention of celestial power in the effective evangelization of the Gospel. 5. Miracles undertaken by disciples proved and depicted God’s kingdom coming on earth to save the lost, hence be called “Emmanuel” (Isaiah 7:14). 6. Also, the verse implied those at the end time will not have to die but be transformed into celestial state prior rising to meet the Christ after the trumpet (1 Cor. 15:52). Brooks’ Arguments on the transfiguration 1. Presence of bright light from heaven which illuminated the whole mountain during the transfiguration 2. There was Great force from Heaven declaring Jesus as God’s son whom to be heard by humanity. 3. Moses and Elijah appeared to comfort Jesus because of what lay ahead. The disciples were trying all in their might to remove the demon from a young boy but scribes’ taunting kept the crowd mocking them since they were unable. Then Jesus rebukes it and tells that the demon of that nature needs praying coupled with fasting. Mount Tabor acted as a usual place for transfiguration, which was at Jezreel’s plain.

Statistics homework help