Stakeholder. This report is focusing mainly on the identification of stakeholders in the canadian rockies, asses their inetrests, goals, and priorities in a sustainable way, assessing the effectiveness of current strategies for stakeholders management, Analyse it, focus on the level of power of each stakeholder. And finally, look into what their stake is, every stakeholder have a stake for which its level of interest is attached.
Stakeholder is the group or the body that can affect or be affected directly or indirectly by the action of the business as a whole Bleasdale Module class 3rd week, and Stakeholders Analysis (SA) is the “identification of a projects key stakeholders, an assessment of their interests and the ways in which these interests affect project riskiness and viability” (DfiD, 1995).
Buttresing this point on Stakeholders Analysis, Grimble and welllard define stakeholders analysis as “a historical approach or procedure for gaining an understanding of a system and assesing the impact of changes to that system” cited in Hardy and Beeton: pg175. And Freeman’s 1984 book Strategic Management – A Stakeholder Approach is often cited as the pivotal study that gave the Stakeholder analysis its momentum as an issue of importance in the organisational context (Freeman and McVea, 2001; Kaler, 2004).
Sustainable tourism can simply be defined as Therefore, Canadian Stakeholders are very important when Tourism is critically analysed in Canada, Stakeholders are the most essential group that deal directly with the tourism of any country, proceeding to analysing powerful stakeholders in canada ranging from the the Aboriginals which are the indiginous first people, the Canadian Governments, Tourists, Host Community, Media, British columbia state Governments, Local Authorities and National Park Authorities just to mention a few.