Speech on Bullying.. Speech… Imagine getting beaten up every day at school for no reason, by your class mates or maybe by some senior boys you don’t even know, or maybe even an adult. You come home in bruises and cuts and dried up blood. Can you imagine that? Or if you are a girl imagine getting teases every day. People calling you horrible names, mocking you because of your appearance or your back ground, you come home all sad and hurt inside.
Can you imagine that? Or can you even imagine getting punch at and getting picked at calling you names in class and threating texts every minute whether you are in class or at home and your friends wouldn’t help you out because they are too scared of the bully and the bully would follow you home… wouldn’t you feel scared? Imagine that? There are people who experience this in their day to day life.
When bullied someone especially for a long time wheater its physical, verbal social or cyber, it would make the person’s life very miserable and in some very bad cases it might lead to killing themselves because they just can’t hand the pressure or the humiliation that they face every day. I’m going to tell you about bulling and why I think it is bad to bully someone! There are for types of bullying physical, verbal, cyber and social.
Physical bullying as you know is when the bully punches, kicks, hits or any types of physical attacks. Then there is verbal bullying, basically what verbal bullying is, when the bully uses words to hurt or humiliate you. Verbal bullying includes name calling racist comments and insulting. Social bullying is a strange type of bullying because it kind of links with verbal bullying. Finally there is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when you are threated humiliated, harassed by the bullying using the internet.
There is no limitation of cyber bullying because there is so many things you could do on the internet to cyber bully. You could get cyber bullied on Facebook, MySpace or msn or in some cases, the bullies can cyber bully you by just making a website just for you. Also the thing with cyber bulling is that it is a new type of bullying because if you go back 50years, there wouldn’t be any internet or any mobile phones therefore no cyber bullying!
Personally I think that physical bullying is the least dangerous type of bullying because when you get physically bullied there will be scars or marks and your parents will know that something is wrong. Where verbal, social is and cyber you wouldn’t know when it will go away, you won’t know when the bully will stop calling you names and humiliating you Some of you might still argue that some bulling at a young age can be good for you because it will make you have to overcome problems and you will develop some social skills and learn that life isn’t always fair.
I disagree with this because most of the victims can’t and won’t stand up for themselves and how would you develop social skills if people are rejecting you. Everybody learns that life isn’t always fair not through bullying but from maybe getting blamed for things they didn’t do or having to do chores at home every day. So what do you think of bullying now?

Speech on Bullying.