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SOCW 6121 Week 5 Discussion Post: Group Dynamics and Family Dynamics

When working with families and groups the priority is for the social worker to understand the process that is taking place.  In both situations there is the overt (clearly stated) dynamics and the covert (hidden) dynamics.  The content (what is being said) in both settings is what is open and stated.  The process (how it is being said) is the unspoken information; what is underneath the interaction is what the social worker needs to explore in both groups and family systems.

For this Discussion, watch the video segments of a group and a family session provided in required resources.

Provide a 300-word Discussion Post covering the following Topics, Content, and Headings:

  • Describe the group dynamic (communication, cohesion, social integration, influence) of the group shown      in the required media.
  • Explain how this group’s      dynamics may influence treatment.
  • A description of the family      dynamic (communication, cohesion, social integration, influence) of the      family shown in the required media.
  • Explain how this family’s      dynamics may influence treatment.
  • Explain any similarities or      differences when assessing dynamics in a group versus a family and how      those dynamics may affect treatment.

Must contain at least 3 references and citations from the following resources. Must reference Toseland, Drumm, and 2011a and 2006a.

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Sociology homework help