Sociology homework help. Need an research paper on poverty because of urbanization in african. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. This topic has generated a lot of heat in and research has yet to come up with an implementable plan to reduce poverty. Early scholars such as Jane Addams and Martin Luther King saw the severity of this problem and provided possible solutions to the problems evident in society. While others feel that the poor are poor because they lack the incentive to work for better lives, it is clear that poor people lack the opportunities to develop their lives. In Africa, issues of technological backwardness, hostile climate, weak economic policies, and corruption have worsened the poverty crisis in Africa.Corruption in Africa is one of the forces that have undermined economic development in the country. Many scholars have come to associate the problem of poverty with the existence of social injustice in the community. Researchers note that society has for long waited for justice to unleash their potential to fight against poverty that has for long become part of their life. Social justice refers to the provision of every citizen with an equal opportunity to grow and develop. Society has been subject to an environment that suits others and oppresses others. While the well up in the society has suffered less severe consequences, the poor have been treated with bias and subjected to social injustice suppressing their chances to develop. In society today, the rich are provided with the highest level of justice and hence are able to gather more wealth at the expense of the poor (Demery and Lyn 39-49). For a long, the government has promised to deliver a corrupt-free society that embraces community developments in the effort to curb poverty among the community. However, corruption has escalated over the years and only those who can afford bribes have the potential to grow and expand their operation for economic advantage.

Sociology homework help