Sociology homework help. Hi, I need help with essay on The Availability of Digital Machines. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!It is not wrong to argue that current newspapers and magazines are filled with subtle and clever tricks that are used to deceive the public. It is, therefore, advisable to examine images and photographs featured in widely respected magazine and newspaper articles critically, and possibly identify how it has been used to deceive the public. For instance, on April 1 2011, Brian Walski, a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times Working in Iraq, was fired after his editors identified that he had used two of his Iraqi photographs into one, to improve its composition. This paper, therefore, describes how photographs can be manipulated to change the whole meaning of the original information to lose its credibility, by using Brian Walski controversial Iraqi photographs. In Walski’s photograph, there is an armed British soldier and Iraqi citizens in Basra. The soldier is gesturing at the Iraqi civilians, apparently urging them to take cover, while a standing man carrying a young child in his arms appears to look at the soldier astonishingly. This controversial photograph featured in page one of some leading newspapers such as Hartford Courant, Times, and the LA Times, has met many critics from the public (Lester 258). This photograph is believed to be bogus: a computer-generated amalgam of two separate images combined into one image. In one photograph (un-manipulated) image, the soldier is not featured gesturing and looking at the standing man holding a child (Lester 258). In the second photograph, also un-manipulated, the soldier appears to gesture dramatically, and the standing man holding a child is much less visible (Lester 261). Therefore, it is not wrong to conclude that Walski generated amalgam of two separate images into one superb illegitimate one.

Sociology homework help