Sociology homework help. Please elaborate on how to get the results. If the spreadsheet is needed i can upload also.Attachment 1Attachment 2GLOBAL PRIVATE BANK"YOU walk into the offices of Global Private Bank Early in the maming on February and, GOOD . "You are*Employed by the bank; to market Fromnstar , financial products to moderate to high net worth customers .Going into the break room to grab a cup of coffee . You flip on the TY to ENEL to Catch the morningfinance = news . The commentator cave*… and the latest release EhONE that consumer confidence hasfallen for the second straight month . Given this , and the previous statistics on buEnESE inventories , it isnot surprising that Investors are nervous. So , now . all Eyes turn to the FEU ."You Switch the TV Off . It“`E like the Economy is going to be the topic of discussion for the next week . More importantly . theDECIDE YOU WORK with will expect You to know what is HERDEning land maytis Explain it to them . Itisgoing to be & GUEY DEYGlobal Private Bank is & mid – ter regional bank_ focused primarily on consumer and small business.*Ending . Historically," the bank; has funded its loanE through traditional bank. deputE . However , Given thered’s dave coment in convenience of mutual funds and online investing . the bank; has shifted its focus tooffering a larger range of financial products and advice to its high -End customers . This included offeringits own mutual funds , annuity and insurance products from other companies , and financial planning*COUTEES .`Global Private Bank has a large Staff dedicated to customer relations . Jobs range from handing*accounts to marketing consumers" products to providing financial advice ."Your Job is to work with thisstaff to determine what the best products are and how best to market them . "You interact daily withPEOPLE from all over the bank , Including some of the bank’s major customers Isince they are a goodsource of information on how the company’ is doing! _A large part of the bank’s customer base Is retired individuals who have had long-term relationships withthe bank_ TheEE individuals have a range of financial Expertise . Some being dedicated followers of thefinanz = news . while others have never heard of the Federal RESERVE .The bank’s customers get their income from & " Ericty of sources . Must have traditional bank accountE*Some , part cular," the middle age customers , have substantial holdings of stack . Retired investors alsotypically have some sort of pension or retirement plan . The bank’s customErE can be very concernedabout chanaEE in the Economy . Those having Black are worried about corporatE profitability. the moreprofitable the company," , the higher the value of the stack . Some of those with [EnsignE have other*concerns . Often , the value of the’s PENE ans does not keep Up with inflation . TheEE investors tend towatch for signs of future inflation that could mean they would have a lower real income in the YEARS" FEELEThe growth of GOP SEEMS to be Eating , leading many investors to be concerned about the future*prospects for the economy . One indicator of the weakness of the economy is the decline in consumer*confidence , a measure of how optimistic consumers are about the strength of the economy in the near*future . If this decline continues , it could lead to a decrease in consumer spending . Also , firms have spentthe last two years dramatically Expanding their capacity by buying new machinery and building new*factories . Because of this , it is Expected that companies are likely’ to rein in Spending on investment Overthe next WEEK .The Economic Research Group of Global Private Bank has provided historical date on [OF along withforecasted Values for the upcoming year ISEE the spreadsheet on the courEE WEBSITE* ! . THE forecasts arebased on the information given above , but the forecasts also assume that the Federal RESERVE will nottake action .The Federal Open Market Committee IFONLY Of the Federal Reserve will be meeting in two WEEK’s tomake a decision on monetary policy . The LEzaing issue at that meeting will be the weakness in the*Economy . Many of the members of the FONE believe that the Federal RESERVE Should take immediateaction to counter the forecasted decline in the Economy .

Sociology homework help