Each question is a separate essay question corresponding to the four topics we studied this week. For each question, please write a FULL ESSAY, with an introduction, discussion and conclusion. You can agree/disagree and bring in your examples and views, but the key is to support every point you make with research from the readings and lectures. For every point you make, make sure you provide evidence from the reading and lectures. Each question needs to be a full essay (minimum length per question is 1 page, but remember that is just a minimum)
1)  How have American families changes over the years? How did families organize families and treated their children and how has that changed over time?  How about in different cultures: is there a universal way to organize families?
2)  What is childhood? How has American childhood changed over time? How do we treat children now as opposed to before?
3)  Why do some parents not have children?  What are their reasons for not having children? Do they have children in their lives?
4)  What is the cohabitation revolution? Who cohabits? What are the motivations of people for cohabiting?