Social Work homework help. Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Collective Bargaining at West University.In today’s world, management has become well-aware of efforts such as employee engagement that increases employee’s productivity, lowers production cost and improves the quality of final products and services. Likewise, labor unions are realizing that they can assist their members by developing co-operative relations with management rather than fighting with them. Even in the corporate world, U.S. labor laws are created to reduce mistrust and opposition between management and labor. For instance, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) was passed for encouraging collective bargaining and balancing the power of workers with that of the management. the legislation even assists in the elimination of the company’s practices of setting up unions with the purpose of discouraging outside unions to organize their employees.As a result of this law, companies were prohibited to provide support or allow the creation of labor organization. In this case of West University, the congregation of unionists is justified by labor law and they have the right of collective bargaining on matters related to their service terms. However, the labor law, in this case, does not bound employers in the effective expression of controversial issues with unionists. employers can choose to ignore unionists’ wants. Basically, the union is strong only for the rights that it can fight for and be crippling it on its instructions make certain that its relevance has no meaning. Hence, the labor law indirectly suppresses unionization.In every organization, determination of an individual who is providing service is considered either to be a contractor or an employee. it is largely dependent on that person’s involvement with service’s owner.

Social Work homework help