Hello,I needed help with calculus class work. If you can please help me with this question.Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3(1 point) Let ff!) be the plecewlae linear function with domain 0 g t 5 8 shown In the graph below {which la determined by connecting the dots}. Define a function 21(1) with domain 0 5 x E 8 by f X?er.0 Notice that ACE} is the net area under the function ?t) for I] 5 r 5 x. if you click on the gem below. a full-size picture of the graph will open In another window. A(x) = Graph ufy =f(r) {A} Find the following values of the function AGE). 11(0) 0 -2 AU) =-4 A{2)

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