Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Leading a Team.Leaders exercise their power in making final decisions and also in implementing rules and regulations (Berry and Cartwright 2000).The skills that are essential in a leader in order to lead a team are decisiveness, motivational capability, communication, management, goal orientation, persuasiveness and optimism.Motivation is an essential trait of leadership. Leaders are never successful without having the skill of motivation. The leader should be self-motivated and should encourage his co-workers to perform better. Along with motivation, leaders should be able to persuade people to work in a set direction. For persuading team members, leaders must have an exemplary personality and should prove themselves as an example for their team members.For convincing team members to work in a certain direction, leaders must be communicative. They are required to communicate with their team members in order to gather ideas and decide accordingly. Leaders should make decisions after listening to their team members. The final decision should be of the leader’s. The leader should be decisive and should not rely wholly on his team members in order to come to a conclusion. Every team member should be given a chance to share his views concerning an issue or problem but the responsibility of decision-making rests on the shoulders of the leader.Leaders are required to be optimistic and goal oriented. The positivity of leaders inspires the team members to come up with positive results concerning assigned tasks. The leaders keep goals for themselves and their team members and make sure that their set goals are met. Successful leaders are those who are able to meet their set goals. Leaders are asked to follow 5 P’s to come up as effective and efficient leaders. They are: “Pay attention to what’s important”, “Praise what you want to continue”, “Punish what you want to stop”, “Pay for the results

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