Social Science homework help.  

Below are some questions to help guide your discussion on the oppression of Indigenous peoples. Please answer each of the following.

  1. Identify 3 take-aways (important things to remember) from this week’s recorded lecture and explain how you will apply these reminders in social work practice.
  2. Describe how the story of Christopher Columbus that you learned as a child differs from the depiction offered by indigenous people in the video Columbus and the legacy of genocide.
  3. Describe the similiarities and differences in the experiences of the 5 tribes in The Indian Removal Act. What are some enduring, modern-day injustices from the trail of tears?
  4. In the video, Changing the Way We See Native Americans, this speaker details the resilience of indigenous peoples. Why do you think it is important to modernize the perception of indigenous peoples from the stereotype of the “leathered and feathered”?

Note: Respond to at least two other classmate’s questions, then provide a rejoinder to at least one comment on your own original post.  The point of this is to facilitate an actual back-and-forth discussion so you’re interacting with the course materials, with each other, and with me. To give your colleagues enough time to respond, please make your original post by Wednesday, and responses/rejoinders are due Sunday by midnight.

Social Science homework help