Selection of College Major. Purpose 1 is to generate a personal analysis of personal behavior based on the responses that I have formulated and gathered from the Self-Analysis Worksheet. Purpose 2 is to develop critical thinking skills with the use of the available data and information with an integration of the lessons that are discussed in class. Questions Question 1 is about the capability of this assignment to bring out the critical thinking skills that I posses. Question 2 is about the relevance of this assignment in the development of my critical thinking skills. Concepts
According to the assignments, concepts are ideas that we use in thinking to be able to make sense of something. In line with this one can generate three basic types of concepts, cognitive concepts, behavior concept and affective concept. Cognitive concepts are ideas that helps us to become aware of the things the surrounds us. Usually these ideas compose the things that we learn through the use of our sense-perception. For instance the concept of finishing college in four years is a standard cognitive concept among students taking a four-year baccalaureate degree.
Behavior Concepts on the other hand is composed of ideas that makes sense of our habits or those that are formed through everyday experience. Behavioral concepts includes the ideas that one use to justify his/her action. One major Behavior concept could be the optimistic behavior that I have towards finishing college through going to class everyday and taking notes during lectures. Affective Concepts are those that make sense of our fears, goals and ambitions. Somehow, affective concept s is responsible for the purpose of ones actions.
Such is the case that one does not do bad things because it generates bad Karma or because it makes one to become hated. Information Study I found out that when I study for two hours for a subject, I anticipate that I could get high grades. This is a cognitive concept since these are information I gathered from observing my action through factual data available in the surrounding. In relation to studying, I turn into behavioral concepts that reflect my study habits, which are taking notes and studying in bulk once a week or before examination.
Affective concepts in relation to study can be seen in the way that I sense relief after studying and sense of enjoyment I felt when studying with the music turned on. Motivation to Complete College I have learned that my motivation to complete college basically arise from the changes that college can bring to my life. The commitment that I have, to finish college in four years is actually the main reason why I am striving so hard to finish my studies on time. Mainly, the idea of completing college and enjoying the life that it could open to me motivates me everyday into looking forward to do my best.
Selection of College Major In selecting my college major I believe that it will dictate the course of my life and my career. Nonetheless, it is only now that I learned that it also hinders me to study other things besides my major subjects. It somehow limits my horizon and cuts off my other potentials. Family Responsibility and Support I found out that I am not yet ready for any family responsibility. I still enjoy my life as a child and a teenager. My family is very supportive of me and I want to help them in as much as I can. Thus, I seldom ask for financial support if I can manage my own expenses.
Support from Instructors or Counselors Instructors and Counselors can really help one out in his or her assignments and the topics that he or she cannot understand. I found out that I do not really ask help from my instructors and counselor as much as I should, especially when I do not understand the lessons. Assumption Assumption 1 is about the reason why I am in college. Before answering the worksheet, I assume that I go to college simply because everyone is in college. But through thinking about it in a deeper sense, I have realized that it is really a personal want to finish college and start a new life.
Assumption 2 is about taking my major course. Before, I assume that I take the major because it seems fine and I find it easier than other majors, now I realized that there are so many things that I cannot do anymore because I need to concentrate on my major. Thus taking a major is actually a matter of priority rather than of luck or chance. Inference Inference 1 is about the fact that after completing the worksheet I would try to give some more time to my studies. With respect to this, I would try to asked questions to instructors and counselor/s when needed.
Inference 2 is about making more appropriate decisions through critical thinking. That is that this assignment will be able to help me practice critical thinking in dealing with ideas and concepts. Implications Implication 1 is if do study on time and if I consult with my instructors, if I will be able to utilize my time more effectively, I would be able to have higher grades and I will be able to finish my college degree. Implication 2 is if I do not develop critical thinking during this assignment, I might as well repeat the assignment and find out what might be the reason why I cannot develop critical thinking.
Point of View I view myself as a student who is ordinary, I mean someone who is neither a high profile intellectual nor a retard. I study for the sake of having a degree not because I love the major or I dreamed of being successful in the field. As a student I often look into things with lesser depth and with a practical point of view. This assignment has helped me sort out my behavior and my ability to reason. It gives me an idea regarding how I see myself. It develops a deeper and more profound type of thinking that makes one realize that there are reasons behind things. Reference Person. Lecture Notes and Assignments. 2008

Selection of College Major