Role of Internet / Web Technology on Modern Public Administration. Role of Internet / Web Technology on Modern Public Administration The Internet has become as one of the most important form of communication media in and among public administration. Communication is an essential part of every field. The effects of web technology on how we communicate in the field of Public Administration on wider biases. Public Administrators communicate easily and fast way with the use of internet. Such as, they delivered a matter or message in a minute by an email.
Business meeting are done by video conferences such as, if someone is not present in the meeting, we can communicate with, we can see and listen his comments with the use of internet in just a minute. Public administrators can access everywhere all over the world through internet. They can reach both rural and global areas. They can get the every type of information from internet. They can watch, listen, and read the news from internet. They can access the international markets and international affairs. The construction and management of the World Wide Web sites are becoming essential elements of modern public administration.
Administrators are now facing a great challenge. They are required to achieve new goals in an increasingly shorter time. But that is not mean to enhanced transparency, greater efficiency and higher levels of citizen services; they also want to reduce costs. Only web technology fulfills these requirements. Administrators should build modern systems for offices is their extensive use in the Internet architecture and the use of such elements, which ensure gathering of all information, security, and ease of data circulation and the possibility of their versatile use by authorized persons.
Administrators should attend the conferences, where latest technologies are presented. Using these new technologies, the Authority may significantly reduce the cost of all transactions, improve efficiency, ensure transparency and accountability, as well as meet all expectations. Role based access control (RBAC) is a technology that reduced the complexity and cost of security administration in large networked applications. The concept and design of RBAC is perfectly suited for use on both intranets and internets. It provides a secure and effective way to manage access to administration web information.
Web technology allows administration to share with the public a variety of information in unlimited quantities on demand. Technology is also available to allow citizens to bring issues of concern to the attention of local, regional and national administration. However, exploiting these capabilities within administration systems is a challenge that surrounds environmental, policy, legal, and cultural issues. Establishing effective administration requires openness, transparency, collaboration and skill in taking advantage of the capabilities of the World Wide Web.
The World Wide Web has an opportunity to provide guidance in support of administration objectives by promoting existing open web standards and noting the challenges external to the web and technology. The World Wide Web also facilitates the development of new open web standards needed by administration in context. Public managers are looking for ways to fully exploit the advantages of Web services technology for improving service delivery. Now a day it is impossible to work without web technology in public administration. Impact of cyber Crime on Pakistan Economics Cyber crimes are increasing day by day in Pakistan from last some years.
According to cyber crime unit, only few cases have been seen 4 to 5 years ago, but the ratio of these cases increased tremendously now. In Pakistan, the ratio of cyber crime is low as compared to developed countries. There are a number of cyber crimes in Pakistan including cyber pornography, sale of illegal articles, online gambling, intellectual property crimes, email spoofing, cyber stalking, forgery, unauthorized access to computer systems or networks, theft of information contained in electronic form, virus attacks, Trojan attacks, Internet time theft, password cracking and financial cyber crimes.
According to cyber crime unit, the hacking of ATM card numbers and bank accounts are tremendously rising in Pakistan. There are no effective systems to reduce these crimes. And number of crimes increases day by day in Pakistan. For this reason, no one wants to invest money in Pakistan. Foreign investors does not take interest to invest money, even they move their business from Pakistan to some other countries. Not only foreign investor, Pakistani investors also does not invest their money in Pakistan due to defective security system. Due to this, Pakistan lost hundreds of thousands jobs.
The ratio of unemployment increased that affect the Pakistani economy badly. The ratio of inflation also increased due to this the value of Pakistani currency decreased. Tax and revenue system of government also affected due to this. Because government lost the revenue in the shape of tax that they collected the companies removed. In short, Pakistan economy badly affected due to increased in cyber crimes. Government should want to make an effective system to removed cyber crimes. Federal Investigation Association (FIA), a cyber crime unit working in Pakistan to remove these crimes. _____________________________

Role of Internet / Web Technology on Modern Public Administration