Religious Studies homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Character notebook. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.Joe and Louis then get closer to each other more often, to the extent of engaging in a sexual affair outside their marriages. At the same time, Harper and Prior meet at an odd circumstance, whereby both of them are hallucinating. Through the hallucination, they find themselves revealing the truth about each other and seem to understand each other’s woes in a special manner. They seem to understand each other through their hallucinations, which act as a tool for revealing their inner beings. They also make jokes about each other’s problems but seem to understand and agree with each other perfectly.b) The central idea of the play is the aspect of cheating and problems of hallucinations among couples. Joe and Louis are cheating on their couples while Prior and Harper have problems with their inner beings, hence find themselves in hallucinating situations. There is also a concept of transmission of AIDS disease within the play. It is evident that Prior is sick, creating the possibility that Louis is sick too. Similarly, Roy Cohn also has AIDS, creating a possibility that Joe also has the disease. Despite these circumstances, Joe and Louis engage in a sexual affair, paying little attention to their health status. The play thus brings the idea that people tend to make decisions and choices basing on their love and sexual feelings, rather than on their friendships and professionalism. This explains why Joe rejects a job offer to Roy Cohn’s justice department while they engage in a sexual affair with Louis in order to satisfy their desires. Similarly, Harper has a problem with facing reality, thus engages in taking excessive Valium that eventually puts her into hallucinations. Therefore, the whole play brings the central idea of weak familial relations that shy away from solving issues that face them, hence seek refuge from outside their families and marriages.Section 2: All the scenes in the play occur due to given

Religious Studies homework help