Religious Studies homework help. I just need help on how to address the quuestions. Literary Group assignment #1: Google Hangout HAMLET discussionSubmit Assignment Due Nov 3 by 11:59pmPoints 100Submitting a website url, a media recI just need help on how to address the quuestions.Literary Group assignment #1: Google Hangout HAMLET discussionSubmit AssignmentDue Nov 3 by 11:59pmPoints 100Submitting a website url, a media recording, or a file uploadLiterary Group assignment #1: Google Literary Hangout– Hamlet discussion Is success to be or not to be?  That is the question for the rest of the course!  Suddenly, you have been thrust upon each other — into virtual groups!  There’s a method to the madness, as I tried to make the groups well-rounded.  Every group has a creative type, and every group has that logical realist.  Every group has highly motivated students, while every group probably has a slacker as well. 🙁  Nonetheless, the show must go on!!  FIRST Group literature assignment: VIDEO of a Google+ study hangout For this first assignment, you will need to designate a time/day that you and your 2-3 other group members can get together for a Google Hangout.  To do this, at least one group member will need a Google g-mail account, so make sure you have that.  In addition, ALL group members need to have a camera with video and voice for their laptop, desktop, what have you.  I believe some smartphones may even be able to access Google Hangouts, but I couldn’t tell you which ones.  Regardless, the camera with voice/sound is a must. You are then required to conduct a Hangout with your group mates that shows you reading and discussing one of the acts from Hamlet.  Your group is pre-assigned an act, so that is the act you should focus on.  Your Hangout should last between 30 and 45 minutes and address the following questions: What are the major highlights of the act?What are some of the themes prevalent?  What in the text exemplifies the themes?The play is written for what type of audience?What imagery does the author use to keep the play/act interesting?What techniques does the author use to help a general reader/audience relate to the essay?What kind of descriptive language stands out?What’s the most vivid image one might take away from the essay?What was the major complication/problem in the act, and how do you think it will be resolved? Upon completion of your Hangout session, one member of the group should upload your session to You Tube and invit to view it for credit.   The uploaded, recorded Hangout session with your group members must be completed by Sundayat 11:59pm.

Religious Studies homework help