Religious Studies homework help. Need an research paper on religious issues exam questions. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Adorno has redefined enlightenment and extended its meaning to a universal principle that guided the development of human civilization. In so doing, he realized that enlightenment also led the people to dominate and use nature for themselves. In the process, enlightenment brought about transformation and suppression of other elements that existed in nature that consequently led to self-destruction, as shown by the totalitarianism examples during the madness of Nazism and Stalin.Totalitarian here is taken as an abstract word that I define as restriction and imposed power that is critical of the system of the form of government of totalitarian power. I believe that what Adorno exemplifies in his theory is “a process of categorical thought in modern society, by which everything becomes an example of an abstract, and thus nothing individual in its actual uniqueness is allowed to exist”. Adorno believes that reason has been entangled with domination and suffering. I take this to mean that it is likened to a totalitarian system wherein, people although living in modern society have no control of their environment and everything has to conform to the outside world. Under this context, let me describe totalitarianism as a form of society largely responsible for influencing its citizens with a self-centered ideology. Man, according to Adorno, has been liberated from myth, and enlightenment and understanding today comes from scientific reasoning which he thinks is the same as from myth. I believe this should not be the case because the myth has no foundations of truth, and belief has only been passed by traditions so much that it is accepted as near truth, but scientific researches are based on the truth that is more&nbsp.reliable than myths. On this basis, Adorno created a viewpoint that morality is being stuck within its powerless objective in a world that values only recognizable facts, and morality becomes a mere prejudice of individual subjectivity. It is hard to discern what morality signifies to Adorno and why it has become powerless. But my understanding of morality is the codes of conduct put forward by a society or by religion.

Religious Studies homework help