Question s.   
Identify some avenues or strategies, such as career-oriented internet sites and personal networking that are useful when searching for careers. Which do you believe are most effective in career networking? Why?
What information do you need to consider about the fields of human services and corrections when creating a career portfolio?
What type of information should be included in your career portfolio?
How does this information differ from that in your professional social media profile?
What are the key components of an effective professional social media profile?
How can community activism promote peace in neighborhoods?
Do you think it is true that helping just one child makes a difference?
How effective in crime prevention are police officers who serve as mentors and role models to juvenile offenders?
Why do juveniles typically get involved in gangs? Why is it so hard to leave a gang?
What are some of the primary benefits of the GROW program?
Which of the learned lessons shared by the incarcerated juveniles was most significant to you?
Why are some juvenile inmates or offenders afraid of returning to the outside world after they are released? 
How do community-based programs address issues related to juvenile gang violence?
What are some ways that juveniles’ perception of police officers be improved?
Question 8
Which theories of delinquency do you agree with most? Why? In other words, why do you think juveniles commit crimes?
What is the difference between general deterrence, specific deterrence, and situational crime prevention? Do you think the concept of deterrence works for juveniles?

Question s