Discussion: Distinguishing Narcissistic Personalities5:1In this Discussion, you analyze a case to determine if the offender or offenders exhibit oblivious or vulnerable narcissistic traits. You evaluate the role of empathy in narcissism. You also address the challenges of working with individuals with narcissist personalities.

  • Analyze the Development of Narcissism Diagram.
  • Select one of the following cases and research the case online:
    • Sandy Hook school shooting
    • Columbine High School shooting
    • Virginia Tech school shooting

    Explain whether the shooter(s) in the case demonstrated oblivious narcissism or vulnerable narcissism. Explain whether the shooter(s) showed empathy or lack of empathy. Provide specific examples to support your conclusions. Depending upon the type of narcissism the shooter exhibits (vulnerable or overt), what challenges might a forensic psychology professional face when trying to establish rapport with this type of individual? Explain pre-offense events that took place and possible post-offense events that might have occurred if the shooter(s) had survived.