Psychology homework help. PY 595 Discussion Board #5

Chapter 9 addresses ethical issues associated with supervision of trainees and peers. How does the supervisee/supervisor relationship parallel the client/therapist relationship? What is “peer supervision”? When considering peer supervision, how would you know if “peer supervision” has become a breach in client confidentiality? Be sure to integrate appropriate professional terminology in your discussion.


The reading also briefly discusses ethical issues associated with assessment, test administration, and diagnosis…all of which pertain to the concept of competency. Many mental health professionals assess and diagnose clients and also conduct more formal “psychological evaluations”. Conduct a brief internet search to determine who is qualified to conduct a “psychological evaluation” to evaluate complex psychological issues. What diagnoses may require a comprehensive psychological evaluation? What diagnoses would you as a master’s level clinician defer to someone with more training (M.D. or Ph.D.)? See the info under the Content Tab for Qualifications for Psychological Testing. Be sure you understand the difference between Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations.


Psychology homework help