Psychology homework help.

The topic for the paper is Schizophrenia Disorder

Submit final draft of your 8-12-page (not including title and reference pages) paper on your chosen diagnosis from Module 1.

Your final paper should include the following sections with properly formatted section headers:

  • Title page in APA format (page 1)
  • Abstract (on its own page – page 2)
  • Body of the paper (starting on page 3 and continuing until you hit the references section):
    • Clinical presentation (What do the symptoms associated with the disorder look like?)
    • Diagnostic criteria from the DSM-5
    • Prevalence and incidence rates
    • A review of theoretical perspectives on causes of the disorder (along with empirical support)
    • A review of treatment approaches and outcome studies (along with empirical support)
    • A case example/study
    • Conclusion
  • References page(s) with a minimum of 10 references (at least half must be peer-reviewed journal articles, not websites). Articles should be from 2010 or later.

Make sure that your paper adheres to all APA style formatting guidelines.

Attached is a sample paper with some common issues people have highlighted. Use this sample and the sample APA paper linked in the overview section of the course to help you write your final paper according to APA style.


Diagnostic Paper Sample.pdf(163.11 KB)

Psychology homework help