Psychology homework help. Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Unit 2 Individual Project.chieved while keeping in view the element of value addition in mind since sea food being a generic commodity. we believe our unique selling proposition will be value addition.Since the main market for our product is UAE which has very strict requirements for quality, therefore, our most important feature of the product will be the value addition.Our solo motto is producing quality seafood stuff which not only taking into account all the health related issues. We understand that for our customers it is very necessary that they receive nutrition which is on one hand is healthy and harmless to consume but it must also contain an element of taste and quality in it. Since Product quality, as a variable relating marketer’s action to consumer’s response largely depends upon the competitive positioning (Yoon & Kijewski, 1997)of the company therefore our product through its USP of freshness, quality and health consciousness will provide us the competitive positioning in the market.However, how a consumer makes a purchase decision depends upon how he or she is going to make a decision and whether the consumer either go through all the step or skip some and adopt other steps to make a purchase. The element of post purchase however can not be made before the purchase is actually done since after purchasing the product or service, consumer may either come up with positive or negative feedback about it.If we analyses the first stage of the process, we come to know that it is the stage where the actual need for the product and service arise. If at this stage, consumer is motivated enough, he will then proceed on to buy the product. In order to successfully launch our product, we believe there is a need for our product. Our industry analysis suggest that Being the coastal area, UAE always relied on the production and consumption of fish before the oil wealth started to flow into the UAE. Also due to more tourists being attracted to UAE, the demand for fish is also

Psychology homework help