I need some assistance with these assignment. statistical methods for management i Thank you in advance for the help! The purpose of the study is to establish the reasons behind students keeping the borrowed overdue library books. The research also aims to examine the perception of the students on the eight measures that have been put in place by the management against overdue books. Lastly, the research assesses the measures that the student expects the library to take to reduce the number of overdue books.This topic is vital since it helps the department of management information science to develop a library system that ensures there is effective communication linking the borrowers of the library material and the staff. The system should incorporate features that send arts to the borrowers before it is time to return the materials. This problem under study is vital because it helps the researcher to establish why most of the borrowers had library books on their possession despite them being overdue. In addition, it sought suggestions from borrowers and staff on how to reduce overdue book in the library. Importance of the StudyThe important part of the study was coming up with a solution to curb overdue books. The solution will be well identified from the various suggestions that will be provided by the participants of the survey. The results from this study will be of great help to the management of the library in mitigating the failure of the students to return books. The results will be of help to the students to be aware of the time and penalties associated with overdue books (Darocki et al, 2015). It will also help the MIS department to develop a system that will manage books in the library at the same time reminding the borrowers on overdue books and the associated penalties. Therefore, the research will facilitate the effective and efficient flow of books in the library. Data Collection and Survey InstrumentThe population of interest in this study were the individuals who borrow books from the library. The study took a sample of 54 borrowers who comprised of both students and staff members. The samples were collected using stratified random sampling. This is a technique where the population under study is divided into small groups called strata with shared characteristics (Darocki et al, 2015). At each stratum, the sample is randomly selected using a give statistical criterion. Samples are taken from each stratum according to the size of the population. In this context, the population is divided into two groups comprising of either male or female. Data is collected using a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire is distributed among the participants randomly for them to fill. The respondents are then required to tick the appropriate box. The response variable is the overdue books. This is a nominal variable and it is measured according to the six major courses that are provided in Jubail University College. The majors include English, business, management information system (MIS), internal design (ID), human resources (HR), accounting and Computer science (Darocki et al, 2015). The study is only limited to the student and the staff of Jubail university, thus it cannot be generalized to other institutions. Analysis of ResultsThe study encountered two challenges based on the collected data. Firstly, the data had missing values where the respondents failed to fill information or skipped some questions on the questionnaire.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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