You will be writing a formal Memorandum to the President of the University of Maryland / Local Community Leadership justifying and providing detailed recommendations for a proposed intervention or program that can address the health concern you have focused upon.
(The health concern is Mental Health)

Annotated Outline

Please provide an outline of your recommendations to the University with the following information:

  1. For Part 1 “Justify the need for the intervention” Please provide
    1. References you will draw from to help justify the need for your intervention (references that describe this health problem on U.S. college campuses)
    2. The main statistics you will be citing from these references
    3. A bulleted description of how you will use your own data collection efforts – what main points will you be raising and from which data collection efforts?
  2. For Part 2 “Evidence-based Interventions”
    1. Provide a name of the intervention you will draw on
    2. List the main activities
    3. List which aspects you would modify
  3. For Part 3 “Propose an intervention”
    1. Provide a statement of your overall goal for this adapted intervention
    2. Provide a brief description of your intervention strategy, what will it entail?
    3. Provide a “Logic Model” – Use Bullet points to explain what will go into this logic model including:
      1. Resources
      2. Program activities
      3. Outputs
      4. Outcomes