Political Science homework help. Write 8 page essay on the topic Final paper.By studying all of these traditions, one finds that they are all useful or most types if childhood issues.In the 1940s, Carl Rogers (1951, 1955) established a new model of, person centered therapy. Emphasis was placed on the relationship between therapist and client based upon genuineness, acceptance and trust. Person centered theory provided a new perspective of personality structure, psychological health and the process of change in therapy.Largely influenced by the person centered approach, Axline (1969, 1971) developed a new therapeutic approach for working with children – non directive Play Therapy. Based on the person centered theory, Axline devised a clear Play Therapy theory and method. She said “No-one ever knows as much about a human beings inner world as the individual himself. Responsible freedom grows and develops from inside the person”.For over 50 years, Play Therapy has been practiced and researched within the United States. This has been led by many Play Therapists, including Moustakas (1953, 1966, 1973, 1981, 1992) and Schaefer (1976, 1986, 1993), who have progressed Axlines original formulations and devised differing models integrating elements of systemic family therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.Play Therapy started to emerge as a new and differing tradition in the 1980s. Since then, the Childrens Hour Trust has taught professionals the basic techniques of Axlines Play Therapy that are used in a multitude of settings. As play therapy developed it was still applicable not only to all children but in numerous setting. British Drama Therapists started using Play Therapy methods to enhance their Drama Therapy with children. Sue Jennings (1994) and Ann Cattanach (1993, 1994, 1998) integrated parts of non directive Play Therapy to enlarge the British Play Therapy movement.Actualization – Humans are motivated by an innate tendency to develop constructive and healthy

Political Science homework help