Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on System Analysis and design ( ). It needs to be at least 500 words.However, in the recent years, a significant development was observed in the digital world with the introduction of new technologies, tools and approaches implemented by various business enterprises and organizations in order to make the work more effective. Conversely, technological implementations in the business enterprises have created various complex challenges in addition to the remarkable opportunities1.Besides assessing the past advancements in technology, the article also delivered certain forecasted information based on qualitative terms. For instance, the article argues that in the recent year, business enterprises will be able to implement technologies more effectively in their business activities, which will ultimately benefit the businesses as well as the consumers. It is also assumed in the article that the enterprises will be able to make efficient utilization of cloud computing system, software algorithms and robust API’s. Moreover, the article also demonstrates that Information Technology will be more effectively integrated into the enterprise that will help in establishing better coordination and integration throughout its operational network. However, the business enterprises of present generation are completely based on applications in order to perform various critical business processes. An application delivery chain is therefore used, which is a combination of both hardware and software, in order to deliver these applications2.Furthermore, with an argumentative narration, the author has also stated the IT projects that used to take several months or years for completion now-a-days take only a few days or weeks to complete, which has been highly beneficial in reducing the wastage of time and resources. Moreover, the authors criticize that even though the integration of mobile applications in the business enterprises is becoming popular, they are not being

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