Humans are wired to be connected to others. We are negatively impacted by social exclusion and positively impacted by social inclusion. Neuroscience tells us that the experience of inclusion in groups, workplaces, and society is good for our brains and our wellbeing.
Please make sure that you have had a look at the PPT presentation / or the Live Session recording, and the resources, so can consider your reactions to the materials. Share one idea you have that can increase inclusion/support for someone/or a group. This can be connected to your own life (community, circle of friends, workplace, family, learning environment) or a future workplace you envision.
Post your idea to the group and comments on two others.
Note: Please be mindful of the confidentiality of others in your post: no names of people, groups, workplaces etc).

  • Type of inclusion/support you are addressing is clearly described (1 mark)
  • Your planned action is clearly described (2 marks)
  • You have responded in detail to two of your peers, mentioning what they have said in your response (2 marks)