Physics homework help. Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies.I worked as teaching assistant from the middle of 2008 until King Saud University awarded me scholarship to pursue higher education through my master degree in the U.S. with a bachelor degree in Business Administrative in Quantitative Methods as a theoretical background.As I was reviewing the University of South Florida’s (USF) program for the Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies (MS EAT), I was impressed with the profile of consolidating “Entrepreneurship education and training into a single interdisciplinary program” (MS EAT, par. 2). My academic background has provided the impetus for a strong drive to learn entrepreneurial and leadership skills that would be enhanced through your course modules focusing on new venture formation, product development and the design and application of strategies to global organizations. I am keen on honing my analytical, decision-making, interpersonal, communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills, among others.The multidisciplinary approach offered by USF would provide the essential theoretical orientation to entrepreneurship, as well as relevant applications required in contemporary global organizations. It has been my profound desire to apply what I would learn in Saudi Arabia as an instrumental promoter of new enterprises and a proactive collaborator of entrepreneurial skills that would spur economic development and professionalism in this field of endeavor. It has always been a passion to delve into personal and professional growth, not only for one’s benefit, but more so to the organization and community where I would be an instrumental part of, and to the country that I envision to give honor as honor is

Physics homework help