Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Susan Glaspells The Anarchist: His Dog and Ron Hansens My Kids Dog.The sad story of how Stubby cried himself to sleep and the nightmares that came on at the time for Hero to be shot drew near is deftly handled by the author. It really makes the reader empathize with Stubby and wish that they could be a part of his sorrow. But in sharp contrast to the story of “My Kid’s Dog” by Ron Hansen, we could feel the coldness meted out towards the dog. When the dog is found dead by the father he hits it one more time to make sure it is not alive and does not feel any remorse in doing so. The climax of the story of the Anarchist by Susan Glaspell is not an anticipated one. When Stubby decides that he is going to become an anarchist because the government cannot understand his feelings of how he tried so hard to earn and save money so he can keep Hero from being shot, there is a major twist in the story when everything seems futile. The benevolence of the policeman and the beautiful write up of the journalist, not only allowed him to keep the dog but paved the way for a good amount of money sent by the readers for Hero’s upkeep, no forgetting the immense joy of Stubby. In sharp contrast to this beautiful ending is the sad story of Sparky the little dog who was stuffed in a small suitcase and was finally whisked away by a stranger who thought it was a family heirloom. The end of the story shows us how dispassionately the child behaves when her father tells her the news that Sparky died. She just asked him to get another dog that looked like Sparky.

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