Philosophy homework help. Business Intelligence Search pertinent scholarly articles using UML Library Databases and/or Google Scholar. Study more than ten (10) key current scholarly articles to support your research objectives, hypotheses, framework, and implications of your major research findings. Download those cited full-text articles from UML Library Databases or other sources for later submission along with your MIS research report and PPT. For cited books, you just need to include the book info in the References section.  DO NOT cite from Wikipedia. Corporate white papers and trade magazine papers can be cited after fulfilling the requirement of referencing at least ten recent (i.e., within 10 years) scholarly articles.  2. Conduct a thorough literature review on your research topic and its existing research issues mentioned in your proposal. You may explore other areas such as user perception, user acceptance, user training, culture shift, security, legislation, policy, and PAPA (i.e., privacy, accuracy, property, and accessibility, pp. 284-291).  3. For technical and implementation issues, you can refer to Figures 6.3, 6.4 and 6.6 (pp. 130, 131 & 135, respectively) as research domain to address those two issues. Address some principles of implementing Business Intelligence. You may follow the SWOT analysis as your research framework to address other business issues. You can definitely extend your research to other managerial considerations (pp. 139-143) that you think are important to your research.  4. Summarize and/or tabulate possible impacts of BI on employees, stakeholders, organizations and/or businesses. Other impacts on user satisfaction, employee productivity, corporate social responsibility, business performance, and government regulations can be addressed as well.  5. Draw implications and future research directions from your research results such as observations, cases of best practice, failures, and lessons learned.  6. You are permitted to alter your title of your paper when you advance to complete research.

Philosophy homework help