Philosophy homework help. Hi, I need help with essay on An aspect of small business management and development through case study based on a . Entrepreneurship and small firms. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!common that a business creation model will be made up of the planning phase, implementation phase, the completion phase and closure phases (Tourish, 2010). In line of the current presentation, the planning phase is going to be given a lot of emphasis. Part of the planning or pre-implementation phase is the allocation of decisions to start up the business as well as the different ways in which different people go about the starting of their businesses. It has been said that depending on the decision that surrounds an entrepreneur’s quest to start a business, different rates of successes are going to be experienced at the implementation because the decisions influenced motivation to drive along with the business a great deal (Bovee, Thill & Chaturvedi, 2008).Business creation process may be defined or explained as the specific tasks that entrepreneurs undertake in their bid to start up businesses in an identified locality (Canary, 2011). For Alternative Publishing Ltd, the business creation process was different from Lawton Dancewear in the way in which research and development were fused into the business creation process. Partly attributable to the background of the two groups of entrepreneurs involved, they were different approaches towards the business creation process as Majid an Suhail with their educational backgrounds and appreciation of the fact that they did not have much knowledge in the area they were venturing into undertook a lot of research as part of the business creation process. Though Mrs. Holland did some research, it was not detailed and was not about business creation. The former also worked extensively on marketing since they had the realisation that they did not have a ready market and needed to do marketing all by themselves. Mrs Holland seemed to have ready market from the demand from friends and so did not do much marketing at the business creation phase.Between the two case studies, there are key similarities and differences that

Philosophy homework help