Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Leading Learning Organization.tions constitute the some of the active participants suffering from the leadership weaknesses both locally and globally (Razik, Swanson & Razik, 2010). The flat world presents several opportunities for the leadership to incorporate in establishing an effective program for managing the workers. The learning organizations are not exceptional, as they apply the flat world dynamics accordingly. These continued arguments constitute the contrast and comparison of the local and global challenges that impair the education and education leadership.The comprehensive teacher leadership institutes the process in which the transformation culture for leadership in the learning industry is still key factor. Included in the identification of the iconic images of the past teacher leadership roles is that the learning organization is moving towards understanding the compelling cases of the teacher to leadership skill, and basing on the current developments (Razik, Swanson & Razik, 2010). The continued effort to institute scaring developments in the teacher to patient relation focuses on the following core current conditions that continue to evolve accordingly. Further, the changing world of managing organizations reflects that the course of proposing and establishing top-down change is becoming less profession. The processes of adopting change constitute the leadership, which is less intense ad involved to develop a structure for the relations that teacher may hold. Further, the question of the conditional stereotyping from the old folks in the industry continues to institute challenging developments in the management of the learning organizations.The leadership, learning and procedures of implementing and managing change institute the position for establishing a united course for developing the education setting to succeed in the local conceptualization of the learning institutions (Razik, Swanson & Razik, 2010). Notably, the face of the country is changing, and so is the

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