Need an argumentative essay on Policing of Aboriginal Communities with Emphasis on Canadian Policing Examples.. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.In Canada, aboriginal policing came into being a professional, reliable and responsible government body with the introduction of the First Nations Policing Policy (FNPP) in June 1991. The objective of First Nations Policing Policy is to provide aboriginal communities of Canada social security, order and individual safety on the basis of cost-shared funding by federal and provincial governments.It is aboriginal communities choice either to develop their personal police service or opt for a police service provided by a contingent of First Nations officers. The Aboriginal Policing Directorate ensures policing that is answerable to the desires of aboriginal people residing in rural and urban areas.The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) – the Canadian national police service has its Aboriginal Policing Branch that prepares culturally alert policing services agreeable to aboriginal people. It takes into confidence aboriginal organizations to come up to their needs and expectations. The RCMP absorbs aboriginal people in its recruitment and plans problem-specific programs relevant to aboriginal communities needs. Some of the programs include RCMP Aboriginal Youth Training Program (AYTP), Community Suicide Intervention Program, and First Nations Community Policing Service (FNCPS).The Community Policing Model is the result of severe criticism of the traditional model of policing, which was not sufficiently equipped to deal with the issues of aboriginal communities. Now, communities get support from the police in managing their risks. Both work hand-in-hand to solve the crime and law & order problems created by local inhabitants.In the Community Policing Model, the police don’t behave irrationally to cope up with law & order issues. it takes proactive steps to recognize and remedy, to establish peace. The police intervenes in the dialogue process to know the opinion of the community on touchy issues, first by holding general level

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