Philosophy homework help. You may use no more than three (3) references from the company’s website but at least five (5) references must be peer-reviewed articles from the Webster Library. The textbook is also a peer reviewed source.  Hint, the company is an entity; therefore, they can not write…people do!  Format is title page, body, conclusion, and reference page all in APA format.  The page length for this paper is 12 pages, which excludes title and reference pages.Here are the questions that will be utilized in your paper:1.     Describe and rationalize how a firm’s logistics and supply chain strategy will likely evolve as a firm shifts from no international to a global strategy to a transnational strategy. What are the challenges as the firm evolves through each?  (P. 275)2.     Discuss the rationale and challenges related to sourcing from low-cost countries? (P. 275)3.     Describe and rationalize the impact of increasing fuel prices on logistics network design. (p. 328)4.     Distinguish among different types of supply chain collaborative arrangements. What drives the differences?  (p. 344)5.     What are the major considerations in initiating a logistics alliance? In implementation?  In maintenance?  In termination?  (p. 344)6.     If you were the Senior Vice President of Logistics, what are some components you would develop for your strategic plan? (question is not in the book).7.  What are the implications of COVID-19 towards your company? (question is not in the book)The papers must be in APA format, no exceptions!  In addition, use only Times New Roman or Arial font size 12 and two spaces after each sentence. Please utilize the sample paper provided.The Company is Lockheed Martin.

Philosophy homework help