Find a media article (NOT a scientific study) pertaining to epidemiology or public health and prepare a 5-minute oral presentation based on its content.
1) Give a reference of the article you used at the top of the first page. The reference must be in correct APA format.
Write your answers to the questions using full sentences (minimum 250 words) and upload the document to Moodle. The document does not have to be in APA format, aside from the reference at the top of the page.
3) Answer the assigned questions in your presentation and be prepared to answer additional questions after your presentation.
Presentations will take place in Weeks 4-8. There will be sign-ups for presentation dates in Moodle.
Submit in either Microsoft Word or as a PDF. Do not use Pages or turn in handwritten work. Any assignment not submitted in either Microsoft Word or PDF format will not be accepted.
Assigned Questions
1. What is the problem? Is it an epidemic? Why or why not?
2. Who is affected?
3. What is/are the risk factor(s)?
4. What regulatory or public health bodies are involved?
5. What control measures have been taken (disease control, risk control, prevention)?
6. What obstacles to control are there, if any?
7. What kind of testing, if any, was done?
8. What research questions and study designs might be applicable to this situation and why?