For my weekly article assignments I use search engines like Google to assist me in finding articles. The search engine can lead to many accurate sources that I can use as articles. It provides me with information like the date the article was published and the original sources the article came from.
This will help me to filter out sites that are not the most relevant for my assignment. I will also use databases like the journal of the American Medical Association which provides the latest information in medicine and changes that are happening in the field. The key word I’m using during my research are words like”Journal “ which lead me to articles I can summarize that come from reliable sources. I also search for things like “peer -review”. For the articles I think about choosing, I also pay attention to the sources that are being used. I will look up those sources on the Google search engine and make sure that the sources themselves come from the best places.
This shows that the articles or journal has been fact checked by peers in the same field and I am using the most accurate information. I have been very effective in finding articles that are relevant to my clinical practice. Having worked in a COVID – unit, it is very important to me to stay on top of the latest information about the virus and howI can not only stay safe but provide the best care for my patients .
Recently, The Journal of the American Medical Association lead me to an article “ Rethink wellness in Health Care Amid Rising COVID -19 Associated healthcare workers health not being taken seriously. This is relevant to my clinical practice seeing as empathy is one of the best tools I can have as a nurse and can sometimes be the difference when it comes to finding out what is wrong with a patient. How I treat my patients is very important to me and definitely affects the patients treatment. I can definitely see the effect and stress of my job for myself and other nurses and how easy it is to be overworked and stressed.
In concussion, the article states “ to address health care workers’ psychological distress, wellness must shift from a peripheral issue to a core institutional value”. This speaks volumes since it is proven that for nurses to properly treat their patients, they must sometimes overlook their own health not only physically, but mentally as well. The fact that the profession can be very taxing on the mind is an important issue that is finally being highlighted and taken into consideration. These are one of the many articles I try to read to expose myself to what is happening currently in the field, how I become a better nurse, and to stay up to date with what’s causing so many changes in the field, which is COVID-19.
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Our weekly assignments require us to search for articles that are relevant to our current practice. My passion has always been in pediatrics and in neonatal care and I have been attempting to make that the focus of my career, even during these difficult times. Having worked in the pediatric emergency room and in the neonatal intensive care unit. In search of finding articles that pertain to my practice I have been searching for articles about neonatal outcomes with skin-to-skin practices. How I search specifically is by typing in “neonatal outcomes skin to skin”. How we type in our search engines is important. When using the word AND it requires that both subjects are in the same article. While using the word NOT it will eliminate searches with that subject. One word to use if you need more options is OR it will open up more articles for you to look through. (LoBiondo-Wood & Harber, 2014)
I have been able to find plenty of articles and journals that have researched this and have been posted within the last five years. It is important when researching within the sciences to find articles that are not outdated because health science is a field that is constantly evolving. (LoBiondo-Wood & Harber, 2014) In order to find reputable sources to help during my research I use two different search engines or databases. The first one I use is the St. Thomas University library. The second search engine I use is Google Scholar.
My preference is the school Library because I feel like there are more ways for me to pinpoint my search. I can filter through the advanced search feature and make my search options more specific and geared to my needs. I can filter out the date of publication, language, journals, and authors. These are very useful tools in being able to find relevant and up to date research on my topic. The other bright side of using the St. Thomas library I am able to read all the materials I find and not have to pay extra to read them. I highly recommend using this database when conducting research for this course. Google Scholar is great in its own right because it seems like there are endless options which can be a good or a bad thing. When there are too many options you might not know where to even start. There is also an advanced search feature that lets you filter as well but it doesn’t feel like there are as many options on how to filter out. The other downside is that some of the scholarly journals, I am interested in reading I would have to pay to read. This can be a hindrance on other students who cannot afford to pay for an article they aren’t even sure they will like. I highly suggest using Google Scholar as a supplement in how you find your research. It can bring up articles that the school Library may not have access too.
LoBiondo-Wood, G., & Harber, J. (2014). Nursing Research. St. Louis: Elsevier.
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