Thank you for sharing your response Maria. Your proposed change to improve patient centered care through the development of additional leadership positions and personnel is a great suggestion for change. In your response you communicated, “In this way, the initial step in the mission to actualize the change is getting additional education on management. A healthcare provider should pursue additional training on health policy and different viewpoints that are identified with the facility. Education is the best way to make one more set up to confront future difficulties”. Have you performed research on other organizations that may have implemented these changes, what has worked for them upon implementing such changes? What resources will you need to implement and execute this change process successfully within your organization?
Nurses play a critical role in the healthcare system by preparing and collaborating with other healthcare teams to perform medical and treatment procedures more effectively. They are responsible for coordinated and cohesive care for a better patient outcome. Healthcare should focus on the patient’s spiritual, cultural, and mental needs (Eriksson, Gellerstedt, Hillerås, & Craftman, 2018). Nurses need changes that will facilitate effective health care levering that will improve patients’ quality of medication. Based on my 2 years in nursing care, there are changes that I can make to improve the nursing healthcare system.
I will ensure nurses participate in leadership at their working institutions to ensure nurses’ grievances and needs are addressed immediately. A strong nursing representation that is part of the hospital executive committee can empower nurses at all hospital levels, enabling them to improve the system process in healthcare (Mainey, O’Mullan, Reid‐Searl, Taylor, & Baird, 2020). By achieving this, nurses will feel motivated at their workplace, making them deliver their services effectively. This will create the best nursing healthcare delivery process since motivated nurses are more productive.
I will create a coordinated environment within the facility and instill a teamwork culture among the nurses. This will ensure a smooth and flowing healthcare delivery process, reduce work ambiguity, and avoid time wastage. The coordination will create an effective and high-quality healthcare outcomes.
I will ensure nurses are actively engaged in important matters and changes that may directly affect hospital efficiency, quality, and pay. This will offer nurses a platform to give their suggestions and areas that need to be addressed since they are the ones actively interacting with patients.