Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review your textbook chapters and other required readings for this week: Implementing value-based payment reform: A conceptual framework and case examples, The Future of Capitation: The Physician Role in Managing Change in Practice (Links to an external site.), How to pay for health care: Bundled payments will finally unleash the competition that patients want, and The 8 Basic Payment Methods in Health Care. Be sure to also read the Insurance Model Quiz Show from your textbook in the Summary and Resources section.
There are four specific reimbursement methods in our health care system. For this discussion, you will write your initial post on one of the four methods as assigned (see the table below). Address the following in your initial post:
Explain why your method of reimbursement is the best method for the U.S. health care system.
Identify how this reimbursement model has evolved.
Determine how this reimbursement model has positively influenced cost, quality, and access of care.
Your original post should be at least 250 words using at least two scholarly sources supporting your viewpoint. For assistance, review the Understanding Insurance Models (Links to an external site.) game in the Chapter 3 Summary section of your textbook.
Reimbursement Method Last Name
Fee-for-service Student last name begins with A, E, H, O, V, Y
Capitation Student last name begins with B, I, L, N, P, W, Z
Pay-for-Performance Student last name begins with C, G, J, M, Q, S,
Value-Based Student last name begins with D, F, K, R, T, U, X
Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates who have argued for two of the other methods. In your responses,
Debate with your peer why your method would benefit more in helping to control health care costs in the United States.
Rationalize, based on the pros and cons of your assigned method, why it is more beneficial than your peers’. Be sure to address its influence on cost, quality, and access to care.
Note: Your rebuttals should be at least 150 words.