Benchmark – Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project Proposal: Draft Proposal (Chapters 1-3 and Appendix A)
At this point in the course, learners have completed and submitted Chapters 1-3 and the 10 Strategic Points as individual components of the Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) Project Proposal. This assignment requires learners to incorporate feedback from their DPI Project Committee on these assignments, combine them into the DPI Project Proposal: Draft Proposal (Chapters 1-3 and Appendix A), and submit it as one unit.
Upon submission, the DPI Project Proposal: Draft Proposal will be sent for an Academic Quality Review (AQR). The AQR is performed by a qualified external reviewer that provides a formal scientific merit review and quality assurance check on the DPI Project Proposal.
General Requirements:
Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:
· Locate the “DPI Proposal Template” document in the PI Workspace of the DC Network.
· Locate your DPI Project Proposal – Strategic Points Final Draft assignment with DPI Committee feedback.
· Locate all previous feedback from Chapters 1-3, the 10 Strategic Points, and the soft submission submitted in Topic 7.
· You must submit this assignment in the form of a Word document. If this manuscript proposal is not submitted prior to due date in the designated format, you will receive 0 points for the assignment and will not undergo AQR. Remove the scoring grids/rubric and previous embedded feedback from your proposal for AQR submission.
· Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center.
· You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.
1. Integrate the four individual DPI Project Proposal assignments into one document using the “DPI Proposal Template.”
2. Be sure to review the “DPI Project Guide,” before submitting your assignment.
Submit the completed document to your DPI chairperson.
Benchmark Information
This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:
Doctor of Nursing Practice
1.1:  Integrate nursing science with knowledge from ethics, the biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, and organizational sciences as the basis for the highest level of nursing practice. 
1.4:  Develop and evaluate new practice approaches based on nursing theories and theories from other disciplines.   
4.2:  Synthesize concepts to develop, implement, and evaluate interventions to improve individual, aggregate, and population health management. 
The professor has made new comments on the project and it requires for the comments to be incorporated into the project. You can also see the professor’s comments in the attached 10 Strategic Points.
Areas Needing corrections are as follows: It must be updated in the 10 Strategic Points and in the main project ATTACHED.
1. Interventions
a. This has to be for Diabetes. Currently, it is not the right methodology
b. The intervention is what will be done for each patient which should be based on educating the patients on lifestyle changes. It should be like this: –
i. Diet Teaching Education- what type of education will be used for teaching the patients. Where are you going to get the materials from? You must explain the Therapy in full. This must be rearranged in the project.
2. Lifestyle Changes Education must be addressed as follows: –
a. Discuss Medication Nutrition Education Therapy in full
b. Discuss Medication Adherence Education in full
c. It must specify Disease Education on Diabetes
d. It must indicate who is doing it e.g. RN, Nurse Practitioner etc.? How are they doing it? How long is it going to take or for long?
3. You must indicate what the expected result is going to be.
4. How do you plan to measure Medication Adherence and the tools that will be used to measure it.
5. The Problem Statement must now change based on these new listed additions. It must start with “It is not known the extent to which………………
a. Explain why you are picking the specific number of patient population
b. Use population of adults 18 and above. Don’t limit to 45 and older.
7. Inclusion Criteria
a. Adult 18 – above with Type 2 Diabetes
b. It should state who identified it in the home health setting such Physicians since they are the ones that refer patients to the home health care for non-compliant or non-adherent to medication
8. Exclusion Criteria
a. It should state that you will exclude patients with cognitive impairment
9. Data Collection and Data Analysis
a. You must adjust both of them by using an existing method of Data Collection-please, do not make up your own
Please make corrections in all the chapters including 1, 2 and 3.
APPENDIX A is the 10 Strategic Points