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School/ Department Name: School of Business – Department of Marketing
Course Name: Marketing Principles 2
Course Code: 20SMRB313
Instructor Name: Dr.Bashayer Al.Khalifah , Dr.Furaih Al.Furaih
Assessment 2 – Group Project
Due Date: week 12
Exam Time: N/A
Exam Location: N/A
Duration: N/A
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1. This is a group Project and is weighted at 50% of the overall grade.
2. You have to choose a certain brand (real, not fictional) that relates to a tangible product (not service) of a certain organization or business in a specified market.
3.The group project report will be presented as a formal document.
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Assessment 2: Group Project
Assessment Instructions and guidelines:
You have to choose a certain brand (real, not fictional) that relates to a tangible product (not service) of a certain organization or business in a specified market. As a group of 4 to 6 students, you have to rewrite each of the following questions and answer it separately in details. Your answers should be supported by real life practical evidences and articles as well as academic research papers. Your group project should be 3000 – 4000 words (-1 mark if you exceed the word limit) and should include at least 10 academic papers. You are required to use CQU Harvard style referencing in-text and at the end in the references list. You are required to submit a soft copy of your project in MYLMS by week 12 (SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 17/1/ 2021 at 9:00am)   (one submission by the group leader – TURNITIN is used to check for plagiarism).
Please write this assignment in 12 point font, 1.5 spacing. 10% off the total mark will be deducted as a penalty for each day of late submission after your deadline (including weekends).
The points that you need to cover under specific headings are:
1. Present a short overview of your brand, product, organization, target audience and market.
2. What is the need being satisfied by the tangible product (not service)?
3. Describe the major macro-environmental trends that might affect your company over the next five years.
4. List the key characteristics of the decision-making process model categories affecting consumer’s behaviour with respect to your chosen product.
5. List which segmentation bases your product uses to profile the key segments in the market. Which of these bases is the most important?
6. Describe your product’s positioning strategy. Provide a positioning map to explain your answer.
7. Describe the major elements of the core, actual and extended product.
8. At what stage of the PLC (Product Life Cycle) do you think your chosen product is currently? Why do you say that?
9. Explain the benefits distributers provide to your company and product in the market.
10. Which pricing strategy do you feel the company is pursuing with your chosen product? Explain why.
11. Choose one promotional material for your chosen organisation. In light of your knowledge of communication theory, identify and explain the elements of the communication process in the promotional material in details.
Directions for answering the assigned questions:
You have to RE-WRITE each question you are assigned to do before answering it. The sequence of your case study report should take the shape of a question then followed by your suggested answer, then the next question and so forth.
You are free to search on the internet for any extra information that might help you to answer your question but you have to reference any facts or data you use in your answers.
Your answers are going to be marked according to the Marking Rubric, which can be found at the end of this document.
The group project report will be presented as a formal document.
Students with identified special needs are welcome to meet with the instructor for personalized clarifications.
The group project report should include:
Title Page (department name, course name, student names, topic)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
The answers to all topics from 1 to 10. Use the relevant numbers and letters to structure your answers (e.g. 6. refers to “Product’s positioning strategy”)
Student and Assessor sign here to acknowledge the assessment result and any further noted actions to be taken.

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