Real-Life Applications: Case Scenario One

Because of all of the media attention on terrorism, your grandparents, who are elderly, are very concerned about terrorist attacks on the United States. They hear the concept of “bioterrorism” and are worried they will be poisoned. They do not understand the role public health departments play in protecting the public from terrorism. As the director of the local health department, you explain that you have a disaster plan prepared in case there is a natural or manmade disaster in the community.


(1) Define bioterrorism and how it can impact a community; (2) describe the coordination of the federal, state, and local health departments in a catastrophic event such as bioterrorism; and (3) explain the role that the public health department has in protecting special groups such as the disabled and elderly.

Case Scenario Two

One of your friends was just released from the hospital. She was pleased with her care but was not sure about her physician, who told her she was a “hospitalist.” You had not heard of the term before either.


Perform an Internet search on the term “hospitalist.” Define the term and find out if there are any current statistics on hospitalist use.