Mathematics homework help. Complete 54 page APA formatted essay: To provide an insight to the critical issue that the UK mobile phone service providers suffer from high attrition rate.r may not hold the customer loyalty thus the only formula left for Vodafone is through the employment of surveys to determine the correct strategy to prevent attrition to another phone company. What have been determined is that there is another market that is coexisting alongside the cellular phone market. Cellular or mobile phone service subscriber attrition or the migration of subscribers to another mobile phone service provider is a normal trend that occurs if the expectation of the subscribers en masse were not met. This could be the failure of the mobile service provider to meet the very basic demand which is the provisioning of mobile service. Or the failure of the mobile service company to resolve long standing issues. Or the failure of the mobile service company to grow alongside their subscriber to provide the necessary technology or functionality and be the constant companion in whatever endeavor they would be engaged in. For whatever reason behind the decision to migrate to another mobile service provider it is the failure of the mobile service company. The question this thesis is trying to answer is what strategy can be employed to ensure customer loyalty to prevent customer attrition.The last fifteen years has seen the mobile phone industry experiencing phenomenal growth in usage as well as in technological advances. From TDMA to CDMA from simple GSM to 3G or even 4G technology, the mobile phone industry has created a lifestyle and a social norm that permeate in every sinew of society’s collective consciousness. Not only would the demand for the technology increase the level of sophistication of mobile phone user’s need and taste, it will similarly increase along with what technology can offer. With roughly seven billion potential users worldwide the mobile phone’s market insertion only managed nearly fifty percentile. Mobile phone patronage is clearly dependent on what technology can offer as proven by the shift from CDMA to full GSM format at

Mathematics homework help