Mathematics homework help. All information for this assignment will be posted below in a word document. Turnitin MUST be under 20% and only academic sources can be used,You need to use a local manufacturing company that would be willing to help you with your project, even if you are not an employee.A title page with properly formatted APA running head, an abstract and reference pages are required. The 8-page minimum/maximum does not include the required title, abstract and reference list pages. Do not incorporate enlarged type, extra line spaces, extra points at the end of a line, over-sized graphs and charts, or unusual margins to artificially inflate the page length – the score will be significantly reduced if the proper APA formatting for these elements is not applied.  Include the appropriate use of headings and sub-headings for every section of the project. A good strategy will be to use the assignment rubric as a basic outline for headings and subheadings. NOTE: Do not use overly wordy phrases. DO use “economy of expression.” Use concise and precise language that avoids slang or colloquial expressions. For example: Instead of using “on the other hand…” simply use “alternatively…”

Mathematics homework help