Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses American History.His influence in the American society, therefore, lies in his activism against Communism and his effort to protect the State against disloyalty, security risks, and Communist infiltrations (“Senator Joseph McCarthy,” n.d.).During the term of Senator McCarthy, he tried to put into trial those who are Communists and their supporters.The goal of his administration is to prevent the Communists from infiltrating the State and risk military and civilian security, as well as the government’s information and technical system (“Senator Joe McCarthy,” n.d.). In addition, his committee gathered information on, mostly, government officials, which was later proven to be faulty and had no substantial evidence. As a result, Senator McCarthy faced issues related to civil liberties as he, seemingly, deprived the people of their freedom of belief and expression. However, in the brighter side, his aims are for the good of the government as those develop loyalty and security, as well as ensure that the Democratic stand of the nation is still solid. Therefore, his life and works had made him a prominent figure in American

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