Topics relating to Marketing Management are evident all around us every day.   This week’s Discussion Forum will ask you to correlate what you are studying in the text with real-life examples from the business or organizational world – including your own personal experience.
Key Topic: Capturing Marketing Insights
Answer these Questions for this week’s Discussion Forum:
1.  Review the front page of your local newspaper or the front page of the business section of a national publication (online or hard copy).   Try to identify key news stories related to Capturing Marketing Insights that you could find.   How many did you find?  Which one was most interesting?  (You can use publications like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times, etc.)   News stories could include any related/relevant topics identified in the text; including (but not limited to) Collecting Information, Forecasting Demand, and/or Conducting Market Research, etc.  With the Christmas holiday approaching, you should be able to find lots of stories related to these topics.  (Examples could be anything from movies to music to consumer products to technology to automobiles, etc.)  Think about how businesses planned for this selling season.
2.  Describe the most successful (AND/OR least successful) example of capturing marketing insight that you found?  Why do you think it was successful (OR not successful)?  You should be able to see lots of examples in all of the advertising and promotions for Christmas Holidays (Winter vacations, electronics, automobiles, COVID-19-related products or services, etc.)!
Cite the source in APA format.