Management homework help. There are three case studies at the end of each chapter. You must complete five questions from these cases.

For example, in chapter 3  there are a total of nine questions. You are expected to answer five of the nine questions. You should aim for at least 50 words per answer. See the rubric for grading details and strive to attain the rubric criteria in the far-left column.

The words “Case #, question #” should be a section header before each response. For example:

Case 2 question 2

According to Smith (2019), …. Also, based on the facts of Jimmy wanting to fire Suzy, Jones (2019) supported the firing and mentioned that it is OK to fire an insubordinate employee. Thus, I would recommend that Jimmy fire Suzy.

Better answers will respond appropriately to the question using concepts from the chapter, up to date outside sources (such as from the library database {2020 or 2021} and/or 2021 internet sources) and details from the case.

An APA formatted paper with a properly formatted title page and reference page is expected. You should upload a Word document with a clearly labelled Case number and Question number as a section header with answers for each of the five question that you choose. Do not copy and paste direct quotes. In fact, no direct quotes should be used, unless you are quoting an exact number or percentage. You are expected to paraphrase and cite properly.

Case Study and rubric attached below

Management homework help